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2017 Ford Explorer Metro

2017 Ford Explorer Metro

2017 Ford Explorer Metro

Picture yourself driving behind a nice, roomy SUV. You won't have to worry about having room for groceries and the children at the same time. Loading up the car for vacation will be a fun chore. Getting Information for Miami Fort Lauderdale Hialeah Explorer fans is easy, especially, when you have Metro Ford Miami dealer ready to help. Our representatives want to show you why the Ford Explorer is the perfect SUV for your family. The 2017 Ford Explorer is the number one selling SUV in America. It has been one of the top ranked vehicles since its inception in 1991. Some say the reasons it is so good is because those first Explorer automobiles are still all over the roads. Being build Ford Tough is a great thing when buying a vehicle. 

Model Strengths:

One simply cannot talk about this SUV without mentioning its strengths. The drivetrain is a good place to start. There are eight different trim packages, so the drivetrain will differ depending on the model you select. The basic model comes with a 3.5-liter V-6 engine that has 290-hp and seats seven. As a matter of fact, this is the engine found in the four lowest cost packages. In the premium packages, you get upgraded features. First, they all come with a 4x4 standard addition. The engines in these are 3.5-liter V-6, with 365-hp. That is one powerful engine. It can haul up to 5,000 pounds with ease. As far as the interior, things are really posh inside too. The premium models are all power with both driver and passenger heated seats. The second row is a 60/40 split and the back row is a fold forward bench. 

Model Changes:

As a car dealer, we've done our Ford SUV research. Since the 2016 year proved to have big changes for the Explorer, 2017 is going to bring more subtle changes. The new infotainment interface has enhanced the overall technology level within the vehicle. Those who wanted the turbo-four-cylinder-engine option in the 2016 model, will love the fact that the price has been slashed this year. The Sports Appearance package is a big hit among those who want more of a masculine look. By doing some Ford SUV research, you will see that they are still the best-selling sports utility vehicle in America. The next full redesign won't be expected till around 2020. 

Model Value:

One of the things that impresses many people with this car is the MSRP. When you compare all you get in the top of the line model, with those of competitor vehicles, the Explorer is still a great value. Your Metro Ford Miami dealer wants to show you just how great the value of this vehicle. The ability to haul up to seven passengers is impressive. Wheel selections start at an 18" and go up to 20." There are so many options with each one of these vehicles that you can customize the car of your dreams. It has an impressive look both inside and out. 

Model Overview:

The SUV has an average size tank that holds 18.6 gallons of fuel. It has a total weight of 4,453 pounds. On the outside, it is sleek sophistication. However, if you get the sportier package, the entire look of the vehicle takes on a different stance. You can't go wrong with the cargo room. While sitting in the back seat for most vehicles is never a comfortable experience, with more than 81" between the front seats and the second row, even a tall adult can sit here with ease. Between the second and third row, there are 43 inches, and there are another 20 inches between the third row and the lift gate. It is easy to see, there is ample storage space and the ability to have "van sized" hauling abilities. The electronic power-assisted steering and other security features are even more reason why you need to test drive this SUV. 

Model Key Trim Features and 2017 Explorer Review:

Looking to the outside of the vehicle, shinier grille is eye-catching. The LED lights make driving through the dark of night simple. Inside, either leather or cloth seating can be selected. Heated and vented seats, which are all full-power, is a nice option. The control center is user-friendly and able to charge many devices at once. The infotainment center allows you to play your smartphone's song list over the speakers, or you can allow the children to play games. Those who need information for Miami Fort Lauderdale Hialeah Explorer fans need to call or go online. Our website has a wealth of knowledge for you about this vehicle. Our sales representatives want to help get you into this SUV. With a full finance department ready to serve, we make getting a loan easy. If you're ready to test-drive the 2017 Ford Explorer, simply call us or set up an appointment online. Are you curious about what others are saying about this SUV? One 2017 Explorer review stated the following: "Wow, this SUV had so much space I never feel crowded anymore. I cannot begin to tell you how much having a vehicle like this has changed my life. With a newborn that needs lots of stuff wherever we go, I find that having a large SUV fits the bill. I would never drive anything else. Ford has me hooked on the Explorer." Truly, the Ford Explorer is number one for a reason; it is the best.

*The above information is regarding the base model 2017 Ford Explorer
. Standard specs and features may change from year to year. Contact Metro Ford with any questions regarding the new or used vehicle you're inquiring about.